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Organic and Safe food revolution company looking for Investment

India, Chandigarh, Zirakpur

  • Asking Price: Rs. 2.5 Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

A company that is working on a business model of providing safe and organic food products from farmers to the end users. It has created network with lot of Poultry farmers. The company has also got few products patented like Aloevera and many more. The major aim is to create a organic supermarket..... View More

A Broiler Poultry Farm for sale in hoshiarpur

India, Punjab, Hoshiarpur

  • Asking Price: Rs. 6. Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

A Broiler Poultry farm with total area of 2 acres having 9 sheds is available for sale in Hoshiarpur. It is a fully automatic and mechanised plant The poultry farm has a current production of 90,000 chickens and the capacity is of 1.2 lac chickens. Currently the poultry farm is given on rent of Rs .... View More

Tea Garden with Factory available for sale

India, West Bengal, Jalpaiguri

  • Asking Price: Rs. 24. Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

World Class Export Quality Tea Garden with Factory is available for sale. a. Total Area : 225 Acres b. Area under plantation : 185 Acres c. Capacity of the factory : 10,00,000 Kgs d. Production of the factory : 9,00,000 Kgs (Last year) e. The factory produce CTC : 8,00,000 Kgs f. Factory p.... View More

Dairy farm cum milk processing unit is for sale

India, Punjab, Mohali

  • Asking Price: Rs. 1.3 Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

Dairy farm cum milk processing unit is up for sale in Kurali. The plant has just being closed in Feb 2017. The total Land area for the plant is about 1.25 acres. Cow shed is for 10800sq.ft. Milk plant construction is done in area about 650sq.ft. All the basic Equipments are present in the unit as Bu.... View More

A Promising Business Of Banana Plantation Require Investment

India, Karnataka, Mysore

  • Asking Price: Rs. 2. Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. 2. Crs

Bananas are grown in 132 countries worldwide, more than any other fruit crop. Currently, India is the largest Banana producer in the world with an annual production of over 17 million tonnes accounting for about 16.47 lakh hectares of land under Banana cultivation but the country’s export of t.... View More

Apple Orchard for sale in Himachal Pradesh

India, Himachal Pradesh, Manali

  • Asking Price: Rs. 45. Lacs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. 2.25 Lacs

The Apple orchard with a land area of approximately 1 acre in Himachal Pradesh is available for sale. There are 160 plantations and 50 fruiting trees. The distribution is in local markets. The production is of Royal Apples and the samplings would take another 1 year to fruit..... View More

Tea Garden with processing unit available for sale

India, West Bengal, Bardhaman

  • Asking Price: Rs. 21. Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

Tea garden has the lease of 99 years. Total land area is 225 Acres and the area under plantation is 185 Acres. The processing unit of the tea garden has a capacity of almost 10 lac kgs and we are using it up to 9 lac kgs. The factory can produce a total CTC of 8 lac kgs, and can produce green tea up.... View More

Organic Mushroom Farm for sale in Nainital

India, Uttarakhand, Nainital

  • Asking Price: Rs. 1.75 Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

The mushroom farm is having a land area of 10000 sqyd. The plant was established in 1994 but has stopped its production since 2009. The plant is environmentally controlled mushroom cultivation plant. The plant has 5 AC rooms for 15 tons of mushroom growing, the farm has a pasteurisation channel, lab.... View More

A Banana ripening plant available for sale in Panchkula

India, Haryana, Panchkula

  • Asking Price: Rs. 10. Lacs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

A govt. approved banana ripening plant is available for sale in Panchkula, Haryana. The plant is 5 years old and semi automatic with humidity and temperature controlling system. The current production of the plant is 30 tonnes which can be extended depending on location. Their main clients includ.... View More

A closed Feed Mill Plant for sale

India, Punjab, Pathankot

  • Asking Price: Rs. 3. Crs
  • Sales Revenue: Rs. Na

A closed Feed Mill with a total area of 27,225sqft area is available for outright sale in Pathankot. The land also includes a godown of 9500 sqft and also has an office/lab of 1750 sqft area. The capacity of the plant is of 100 M.T. per day for 8 hours. The plant is fully automated and the machinery.... View More

Showing 1 - 10 of 15 Business for sale


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