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BusinessDeals provides comprehensive consulting and investment services to help companies achieve rapid, sustained success in India. India is one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving markets in the world. We have the experience and expertise to help your firm navigate the complexities of the Indian business maze, and to establish profitable business operations in India in a timely and cost efficient manner



With our office and staff based in New Delhi and associates and consultants elsewhere in India, we have an exceptional blend of business, operational and technical expertise. Our consultants have extensive experience in establishing and managing operations in India, setting up sales and distribution networks, establishing supply chains, conducting financial analysis and due diligence on acquisition and partner targets, and developing markets from scratch. BusinessDeals is your competitive advantage for success in India. 


BusinessDeals study and survey the customer's wants and needs by directly interacting with them, analyze the competition and marketing strategies of different competitors and generate pockets to evolve new strategies to capture the opportunities in Joint Ventures, Financial Partnerships, Working Partnerships, Mergers and Business Acquisitions. In order to take pulse of the industry, we undergo physical survey of the market territory and provide one-stop solution to investors who are there to look at opportunities.




We have specialized task forces to handle and assist different categories, as below, of Investors to take care of individual needs



  • Venture Capitalist Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Individual and HNI Investors
  • Indian Corporate Houses
  • Institutional Investors
  • Non Resident Indians
Our Specialized Investor Services include the following;



BusinessDeals embarks on a thorough due diligence approach encompassing in-depth financial and operational analysis. While imperative to successfully completing a transaction, validating the reliability of financial information is only one element of effective due diligence. Analysis and evaluation of business operations are crucial elements of successful due diligence. Focusing on operational due diligence, helps buyers and sellers of businesses and financing institutions align the due diligence efforts with key value drivers of a business. Combining financial and operational expertise provides an effective way to quantify and translate the financial effect of operational issues identified during due diligence. Integrating the financial and operational aspects of an analysis generates streamlined results that are specific and measurable.


BusinessDeals helps and supports any kind of Overseas Companies, PE Funds, Venture Capital Companies and also individual Foreign Investors who want to incubate a business in India and offer them all representation including office and infrastructure support till such time they don't have their own. This helps reduce initial costs and expenses for the entity wanting to establish their operations in India. Getting all regulatory approvals for establishment of a new Company are also undertaken by us.


BusinessDeals focus on Acquisition target and Joint venture partner identification and evaluation for firms in all the sectors of industry. Apart from specific targets, BusinessDeals has a wide database through its core business wherein existing Businesses have opted for either sell-out or have applied for specific Joint ventures. This in-depth knowledge of targets and conducting due diligence on acquisition partners and/or joint venture establishes us as an encyclopaedia for businesses in India


BusinessDeals assist you to choose the best legal consultants from our panel to fulfil all the legal needs of your business in a professional approach, as most of the corporate houses desire quality of efficiency from a legal firm. . Our Legal Panel not only provides services but also ensures that all Intellectual Property Rights are protected and services include a point to point support to protect all your Brand value which you have earned in the last several years 



On an individually negotiated basis, members of BusinessDealsare available to serve as members of the boards of directors of clients. We also assist in finding other individuals, qualified in specific industries, to serve on boards of directors. Each company is different, so the exact mix of experience and skills that will help a company and be attractive and reassuring to outside investors will also be different. BusinessDeals help you to determine which individuals meet your company's goals and then help you locate those individuals, and help persuade them to join your company's team 



Negotiation is a critical element of any Investors success. You have to negotiate among the founders; with existing and potential employees; with funding sources; and with a wide variety of critical partners. We offer our extensive experience in negotiation to assist in this process. Most people are not experienced in negotiation; many people are uncomfortable negotiating. BusinessDeals bridges the gap for you.